3 routes
Grades 5.10a to 5.11b
added by Chad Brown
Updated Jul 31, 2012
One of the "new" additions in the area, Whiskey Jack wall is a little shaded and tends to take quite awhile to dry out. Oh and it can be a little mossy.  Note quite the same quality as the rest of the climbing in Cheak
GPS Location of Crag
Lattitude: 49.9115
Longitude: -123.1544
Route Topos
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Climbing Routes
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20m with 7 bolts
Easy slab leads to a somewhat thin finish under the anchors.
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20m with 9 bolts
Laybacks followed by nice holds with a slab finish.
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Missing Point (5.11b)
15m with 6 bolts
Moving up a ramp and then into two distinct boulder problems with a tricky finish over the bulge beneath the anchor chains. Difficult for the grade.
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Boulder Problems

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