Posted Oct 31, 2011
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            Winter is right around the corner, and it may be hard to swallow the...
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            Winter is right around the corner, and it may be hard to swallow the thought that you'll be stuck in a stinky climbing gym for the next five months, sucking in chalk dust and fending off gym rats. However, there is light down the proverbial winter climbing tunnel.   Here are four warm(ish) climbing areas to keep you sane during the winter months:
            ● Ton Sai Beach, Thailand:  Climbing in your bikini? Watching girls climb in their bikini?  Either way you can't beat climbing on a beautiful sandy beach.  Ton Sai Beach becomes a climbing Mecca during the Northern Hemisphere's winter months, though you need to remember that it becomes a little hot during the day so keep out of the sun during the afternoon (can someone say siesta?)
            ● Deep Water Solo in Mallorca Spain:  Imagine climbing on a sea cliff over turquoise water, then sipping on some local tunnel liquor in the evening.  Mallorca is the birth place of Deep Water Soloing and offers some great climbing during the Northern Hemisphere's winter months.  Keep in mind that you'll need a car to get around in Mallorca, and be prepared to get wet!
            ● Posada, El Potrero Chico Mexico: Posada El Potrero in Mexico offers a great destination for the winter climbing bum.  Just be prepared to rough it a little.
            ● Bishop California USA: Climbing in a desert does have its benefits, dry sunny weather, though make sure to bring your long underwear for the chilly evenings.